Women’s Cycling Community on Tour

Camilla Jørgensen and Sophia Kjær are the creative brainchild WeCycling. Two women who, they began as acquaintances, have found a close friendship through their shared passion for cycling. This friendship became the very foundation of WeCycling, a community that now brings together women across age, experience and cycling level.

WeCycling is not just a cycling community; it is a new community where women can share the joy of cycling regardless of their experience or level. The idea arose in the fall of 2022, and despite the initial time pressure, it became the starting point for a year of friendship and now a thriving community.

The name WeCycling originates from the concept of recycling, and it carries a deeper meaning. Just as recycling deals with preserving the value of a material, WeCycling focuses on maintaining the motivation and joy of cycling. The goal is to create a sustainable community where women can recreate and enhance the cycling joy by supporting and inspiring each other across their individual cycling journeys.

WeCycling’s first event was a summer house tour at Fjellerup Strand with a focus on the social side. The girls who participated came from all over the country, and created motivation and new friendships across age, other interests and geography. A trip that will clearly be repeated.

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