Airtox Carl Ras 2024 Season is ON!

8th place for @gustav_dahl on the 1st stage of the UCI race, Visit South Aegean Islands Tour.
Which today opened the team’s 2024 season and it happened with an 8th place for @gustav_dahl. An eventful stage had passed before, where the team worked loyally for each other. The plan was to run the finish for @alexander_a_hansen, but when he fell into the asphalt barely 2 km from the finish line, Gustav Dahl and @_gustavttwang had to improvise. Good job boys – we’ll get our revenge tomorrow. A special thanks to ‘The Dirty Quartet’, @oscarbluhm, @_albertholm_, @frederik_bjorn and @rosenlundrichter, who selflessly did the hard and necessary work

Alexander Arnt No. 4 on the second leg of the Visit South Aegean Islands Tour.
However, it held tight. The stage was a rough affair at an up-tempo with 5 closing laps that featured a grim climb. It came to make the difference. The team drove fantastically. @_albertholm_ and @_gustavttwang were breaking out and of course it took a lot of effort, but it was true that Holm & Wang grabbed the win. They bared the lion’s heart and bet the whole store. The riders stood shoulder to shoulder. Everyone worked on the common agenda and sacrificed everything to get @gustav_dahl and @alexander_a_hansen into the final ascent in the best possible condition. And that mission succeeded. The work saw Dahl & Arnt take 4th place on the day and 8th place in the standings for Gustav D. Good work! It added UCI points to the account and the team got going.

Gustav Wang No. 3 in the Rhodes GP.
Wang continues the great results from 2023 – the bicycle smith from Rødovre – and @_gustavttwang crowned a good day with a strong podium place in the UCI race RHODOS GP. Before that, 183 km had been covered at a furiously high pace, where the whole team made a good figure. Constantly at the forefront and represented in everything that ran. About halfway through the race, Gustav and a strong 6-man group got away, and although they are picked up at the line, Wang maintains his podium. Cool cool cool. p.s. Wang also took the white youth jersey.

You will also be able to join the force of Holbæk. We will offer a neutral GS Holbaek Jersey in support of this project. We will post further this spring. Follow us and GS Holbaek and receive the News.

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