Kasper Würtz, Technical design

Meet Kasper Würtz. Pro-continentale rider Team Riwal after Team Herning in his youth. Kasper are our backend muscle and also VIP on the technical development.

Our team arose from classic cycling. Conti- or national teamriders. Way back. All still riding. Any given chance. Our experience led us to foster Willing and Able. With same ambitious drive as in racing. >Ee hereby present our 1st high-end collection after marketleading Team Wear productions since 2001. The X.WA team arrived with various relevant skills. Combined fulfilling todays the need from advanced riders. Bringing technical knowledge and back-end strength amplified withe the key to our European textilepartner. Not the least building and designing the collection. 

Together with a team of racers amplified with a business mindset. The X.WA team are Christian Poulsen, head of. Kasper Würtz Technical insight and back-end controlling. Jonas Lindberg, Sale and content-creator Klaus Nielsen Partner Peter Konggaard, founder and partner.We all landed from official cycling. All still riding. Always ready to enter the great, wild open. Explore. In motion and mentally. Surprisingly Superb cycling clothing

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