Textiles. The perfection and the artwork

At Willing Able we embrace the rising culture of any cycling. Our point of departure are clear and differs a bit. Based directly within the sport itself. Not just sporty nor fashion first. We believe that this ‘in between’ manifests in every Willing Able ride; based on sporty fabrics offering reasonable features and fast functionalities.

Going out to all kind of riders. Starting from the race top. We believe: If it’s good enough for the sport You could probably ride it too. That is also why the sport is our departure point and ‘unique selling point’. However: We are not simply superfans inside this minimal elite-sport. Neither concentrating on styles’ external artwork.

Our passionate team was exactly fostered within the sport itself. National team riders riding the Worlds and even Olympics. Integrated inside a culture where we partnered up with our exclusive European manufacturer back in 2001. A manufactor who was already developing on the front side for several other high-end brands across various industries. In cycling, doing crucial tests aero- and textile-wise. For the speed and the cause of sustainability.

We are blessed with a unique master key from our mother board: Konggaard, market leading Team Wear supply in Denmark. Together with this exclusive textile manufacturer who’s supplying raw fabrics to other brands, you might recognize. A key note that gives us a rare advantage going into every detail.

Our point of departure: The sport itself. Way before the visual artistic work begins. That is why and how we are also attached to the most winning Danish Elite Team: Airtox Carl Ras. Though: We will never claim that our textiles’ more than … textiles. Though; The Willing Able textiles are both produced and perfected on the top floor.

Vise versa: we will also claim that all (our) mid-range Team wear are very well made towards completely other audiences with a completely other consumption needs; just riding.

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