The perfection of Bibs. Textiles and Fabrication

The multitalented 2 versions of X.WA Bibs donates optimal compression able to decrease lactic acid in the muscles by the Lycra® yarn. Without lowering blood circulation by build-in Power Technology. 1 version with raw cut endings both with ergonomic silicone grib that ensures both fitting and speed without any kind of discomfort. The top Paris HP chamois pad with Elastic Interface ensures everlasting comfortable and fast rides.

Our prelude focus takes off way before the sewing machine starts up – where most Brands begin. We are blessed with a unique master key from our mother ship that produces Scandinavia’s largest Team Wear project eg. Now rolling in 8 countries. Accordingly, we work directly with our exclusive textile manufacturer – who’s supplying raws to several other Brands / Logos, who you might recognize. A key note that gives us a rare advantage going into every detail.

Why we also communicate in English. Despite our (newborn) platforms’ 250 Danish followers! Because Fitness World once was named “Krop og Motion” And because our keys; enable us. Based on – and arrived from – the sport itself.

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