Collaborational side-projects

At X.WA, we strive to strenghten the culture close to the sport itself. Even if it is minimal. However, the root of all cycling. The X.WA Collection is quite classic, graphically ambitious and pretty fast. In addition we did some collab projects.The VIES Elite jersey, for example; to the junior high school riders. Or the union’s national Challenge CX cup shirt. And the culture jersey for Storms CC. We are most proud, however, of re-fining the most authentic and great squad: Team Rynkeby riders.

Team Rynkeby re-make explained by Jacob:
We aimed to refine my graphical solution; DENM from the Rio 2016 Olympics. Refine something successful, as it is called backdays at my Graphic College. The DENM artwork is currently running on all national riders. DENM, however, shelved and that opened to give the concept even greater (inner) value: TRBY. My 2016 concept line now spread out as an 8-country campaignable look. So it is clearer that every rider starts FROM their city. Riding FROM their country. Seen from behind. Founded BY a commercial, noble brand; Team Rynkeby. Front view. Firstly and foremost: SUPPORTS a unique grandiose cause. Raising 10 million euros annually! Donated to seriously ill European children. Widely proud to be a micro party. Now identified as a bit more graphic solution. In this Rapha reality. All that, in a quality that can easily ride to Paris. And as I began; can easily drive fast in the sport. Quite exited whether it could mingle in Dyrehaven too.

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