born and raised in denmark

Our team arose from classic cycling. Conti- or national teamriders. Way back. All still riding. Any given chance. Our experience led us to foster Willing and Able. With same ambitious drive as in racing. Read more about our understanding of HQ Apparel here. We hereby present our 1st high-end collection after marketleading Team Wear productions since 2001. 

All based on natures’ finest. Superb materials with best absorbent functionality. Made in cooperation with our European textile partner. Towards all the adventures out there. And everything in between. Commuting or competition; As fast as You like.

Our team

Christian Poulsen
Partner and initiator in fostering X.WA to a High-End Apparel brand. Christian are former Olympic MTB rider with several medals within terrain cycling.
Jonas Lindberg
Part of the Danish national MTB team. Became U23 Danish champion in CX, and took silver in the elite MTB category. Our sales manager. Brilliant useful as both rolemodel and content creator.
Jacob ørholm
Nordic Youth Champion. Designer of the Rio Olympic DENM look now on all nationals. Co-Founder PNS (DNF). Guest-designer La Flamme Rouge.
Kasper Würtz
Pro-continentale rider Team Riwal after Team Herning in his youth. Kasper are our backend muscle and also VIP on the technical development.
Klaus Nielsen
Former National CX Champion in a field of better known world riders as Henrik Djernis, Fuglsang and others. Klaus are titled as Konggaard partner and head of nordic sale.
Peter Konggaard
Founder. Initiating Team Rynkeby as big as we see it today, bringing the charity project to 8 countries. A racer since the early Eighties with 6 years as an amateur in England. Won Meisterschaft von Fyn! Still riding.
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We all landed from official cycling. All still riding. Always ready to enter the great, wild open. Explore. In motion and mentally. 

Surprisingly Superb Cycling Clothing. 

Based on nature's finest

Responsibly made in Italy. In close collaboration with our textile partner. Western European production with high ethics and honest sustainability. All based on nature’s finest. Always functionally fast. With plenty – but only – no-nonsense features. Read more about our sustainable politic and the OEKO-TEX standard

The Willing Able Journal

We arose from classical cycling. The minimal sport itself. Not just sporty. Nor fashion first. All formed by an unpretentious know-how team of past elite riders towards all kinds of riders. Here we present relevant themes oftenly written by our roll models. Go direct

Kasper Würtz

"Born and raised in Denmark. Since 2001"

The X.WA Team.

The X.WA team arrived with various relevant skills. Combined fulfilling todays the need from advanced riders. Bringing technical knowledge and back-end strength amplified withe the key to our European textilepartner. Not the least building and designing the collection.

Jacob Ørholm,
our X.WA Brand Creator, spend a few decades within Cycling / Branding. Firstly co-founded PNS (DNF). Later designed the Danish RIO Olympic DENM Collection. Now the visual of all national cycling teams. Jacob worked as Global Brand Director, at Argon 18. Now giving birth and raising Willing and Able.

Together with a team of racers amplified with a business mindset. The X.WA team are Christian Poulsen, head of. Kasper Würtz Technical insight and back-end controlling. Jonas Lindberg, Sale and content-creator Klaus Nielsen Partner Peter Konggaard, founder and partner.

Konggaard – as the main Brand – serves Team Rynkeby Team Wear division in 8 countries e.g. Also market leading within Team Wear through last decade.

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