Willing Able Racing start-up. Gravel and alike

A Willing Able headline Y2 are definitely this Gravel project. Together with our airtox ras functional x look-project. Willing Able Racing; Pretty fast on Factor machinery obvious dressed in speedy WA wear. Supported by Unico Leasing We are hereby officially in the UCI game. With authentic rider Within this minimal sport. Boosted by today’s hype discipline. Exploring the nature. Racing. Go follow our baby @willingableracing

WAs and the team’s head; Konggaard ApS market and sell several high-end brands in various categories; Factor, Udog shoes, 6D energy and most importantly; Team Wear clothing. We want to 1: strengthen the sport and 3: create content, to show off our products. That is why we are now starting an Elite Gravel Team. We gather riders from all over the country, at different levels and with different prerequisites.

We have talents in MTB and cyclocross with the will to stay better. Former professionals who want to teach the young a trick or 2 and who will win at the same time. Focused amateurs who have full-time jobs but want speed, excitement and has a great competitive gene. All riders become part of the development work to improve products. All rider types are gathered as one family at WA Racing.

Christian Poulsen will be the contact person with his many years of experience in commercial operations within cycling team as Team Manager at UCI level, he knows the rules and understand the Partners’ interests.

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