Collabing: Team AirTox Carl Ras, VeloMore and WA Racing

These days 3 x Willing Able collaborations landed. All rideable projects made together with great partners indeed. Now online – click the shop to check out. All developed and designed towards supportive riders. Not the least: an incentive reference to the rest of our pretty fast collection.

Team Airtox Carl Ras x WA: Support this impressively talented team @airtoxcarlras. 2024 Willing Able proudly designed a makeover for this pretty fast team. Loyal coloured. Styled by Willing Able. Featuring asymmetric panels and a few local/national sponsor graphics. The actual backend to exist at all. Now you can buy this suit and support the heroes. Choose between the true team style and a fast normal style.

Velomore x WA:
Marking this superb collaborational collection with a superb summer set: jersey and bib. Velomore coloured. Styled up by Willing Able. Velomore; keeps you updated on every sporty and tech news of relevance + every Velomore subscriber saves 20% on all Willing Able styles.

+ Our very own Racing project lift off for real in full effect this spring. Willing Able proudly backend this great project. Young by the look still a classic homage. All styled by the hands of Willing Able. Featuring asymmetric panels still with sponsor graphics. You can buy this resistant jersey, the Gilet and also Aero socks. More to come.

New in: 2 Summer long-sleeves: We have launched 2 WA summer long-sleeves. Ultra-light based on the highest quality of technical material. In fresh colors and graphics. A Women’s and a Men’s version. However, both apply to the opposite sex (Men should add 1 size up if Women’s style is chosen. And the other way around) Go Check! By the link below.

+ Remember our deal is still ON! All subscribers gets 20% off on all items. Use the code: WA20 when checking out

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