Anna Katrine, riding all around Spain

I’m Anna Katrine, 26 years old from Odense, living in Spain with my boyfriend. Began cycling only 1 year ago. Wanted to try something else than core fitness. Doing that on a competitive level for 7 years. New + fresh air so to speak.

The big Nature getting high on natural endorphins. And cardio of course. Today I simply Love it! Especially going fast doing hilly intervals, flat sprints, or daylong trips with friends. But most important, I share this passion with my boyfriend.
The meditative exercises and bonuses in cycling constantly surprise me. I am riding with a minor back and hip “injury”, so I teach myself not to let the pain take over, so rather 10-second breaks than just more pain. That’s so special riding in the Spanish mountains.

Well, tough beginning but now just pure joy and all of the above. I can only recommend it! It makes you stronger (and tired).

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