WA Racing finished second in Blaavand Gravel

Last Saturday 1.6, an International cycling and culture-boosting race was held in Denmark; Blaavand Gravel as a World Cup division. Willing Able Racing fielded 6 riders among several international top riders. Both from the Road and this newly discipline Gravel. The long elite route was driven through some of Denmark’s most outstanding nature, in the very cycling-challenging area around Esbjerg’s seafront. 
Gravel, which in a broader sense has gained widespread use among cycling culture outside of the sport itself. So, every man and woman now drives at a calm pace, in calm company through rewarding nature away from the roads. However, that has now also gone, gone sport! And so most recently by Denmark’s West Sea.

Blaavand Gravel was won this year by the Belgian Quickstep class rider, Tim Merlier. Just landed after 3 Giro stage wins. Overriding for Willing Able Racing, however, was that Jonas Lindberg sat aggressively in the lead group to the finish line. WA Racing Jonas finished after the race’s 155.2 kilometers in a Quick-Step sandwich because Bert Van Lerberghe ended up in third place. In the sprint, Van Lerberghe opened incredibly far from the outside, Lindberg went after and passed, but super-fast Merlier drove past in the last meters.

The three were part of a group of five for a long time, with Julian Siemons (No Borders Gravel) grabbing fourth place and Frederik Rassmann (Rose Racing Circle) finishing fifth. It started as a group of about 10 riders that stood out early in the race, which became more and more decimated. Proudly we recognise Mathias Rosenberg Pedersen finishing seventh and impressive 8! Willing Able’s within top-23.
Big up.

Revisit race sequences with UK commentary here [copy paste following in new window]

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