GS Holbaek x Willing Able joining 2024

Only one year ago Willing Able was born. By Konggaard of 2001.
Now we are joining the lead of national elite cycling.
October opened a exiting artwork and race apparel partnership with Team Airtox Carl Ras,
Together with one of Denmarks’ strongest elite projects; Team Ras Airtox. Starting with a much needed winter-drobe.

More Surprisingly Superb and Pretty Fast apparel will arrive soon to this fine team.
Made together with our innovative Textile partner, from the lead of speeding. And closely together with Magnus Bak Klaris – the Teams know how on wheels. All Engineered with Technical Excellence and OEKO-TEX Certified Materials.

And course this asked for a visual makeover. The complex task of merging old-school sponsor exposure and still battle with todays modern graphic universes was a … challenge. But a fair challenge close to the authentic reality within the sport. 
Goodlooking visual, so we consider doing a neutral version to support the team and our friends at La Flamme Rouge. Final visuals will pop February. 
We are humbly proud of the result – to come.
We feel loyal to our history: born out of Olympic, Professional and Elite gens we are primarily focussing on the microscopic part of cycling; the sport. Because; if this team can win dressed in Willing Able, You could probably ride it too.

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