Willing Able Sport News Weekly 22

@grandprixherning was a pretty tough one! Lots of chaos on the Herning gravel roads! The team rode well with 3 guys in the leading groups! @jonaslindberg1 finished close to the win 20 seconds back! Boys was eager to comeback @fyenrundtdk Pretty great road debut to this fine Willing Able Team #surprisinglysuperb.

As mentioned; @fyenrundtdk was up next day. Again, a hard brutal day. The boys were on the offensive all day, placing @erik.aagaard in the breakaway. Then caught up. Later @jonaslindberg1 attacked solo in the final lap of the finishing circuit but was closed down in the last kms of the race. Unfortunately, he crashed out in the last corner, missing out on the sprint
“I was in 6th position going into the last turn, getting ready to sprint, but the guys crashed in front of me. It’s a shame. I was going for the win, but next weekend is another race and a new opportunity“

Next up for this Willing and Able team @blaavandgravel 

The conti-news
Daniel Stampe finishing second in previously mentioned GP Herning. And 3! @airtox_carl_ras riders within top-11.
Goal was a win and although it was a razor sharp decision, we are very proud of @stampe_daniel’s podium and of the team’s overall performance. Thus, @frederik_bjorn came in 8 and @rosenlundrichter finishing 11th. @rsojberg (DK’s national team) wins – @erikmadsen1 from @unoxmobility No. 3.

Elsewhere  @tour_of_estonia @airtox_carl_ras had to settle for less.@lord_mads best at 12th in the standings, while @mathi_larsen finished in 21st place. Both were driving well on last stage, but lacked the margins in the dying laps.
Salute for this gallery by @hestkjaer and @sugarshack_mkg

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