The WA LFR collaboration

As Brian Holm and WA’s creative Jacob Ørholm are training buddies since way back, this Support Collaboration was suddenly obvious to comeback.
Both the homage towards classic cycling and their extended experiences with prober qualities from manufacturers. 
We hereby reboot La Flamme Rouge shop (external LFR shop); Supporting the Cancer Foundation. Please go Facebook if you wish to read more about LFR.

All made based on WA Surprisingly Superb Apparel meeting today’s request for HQ and look. Still priceable fair.

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the last kilometer

When the cyclists cycle under the red flame, it means that there is only one kilometer left and it is now that they really have to put extra gas on the pedals. Brian Holm has drawn a parallel between the last kilometer on the bike and an illness with cancer, from which the name “La Flamme Rouge” arose.
Brian and his Son here pictured before a ride. Albert has now joined in the opereation of LFR and will be the daily contact within

The LFR Foundation. La Flamme Rouge is a Danish association founded by former cyclist and sports director Brian Holm. The purpose of the association is to support the people who have been affected in one way or another by the disease cancer. The association has, among other things, organized several different sports events for cancer patients and their relatives.

One of the founders, Brian Holm, has himself had cancer close to his life. In 2004 he suffered from bowel cancer. He has described the course of the illness as the last kilometer that had to be overcome. And that is exactly what La Flamme Rouge stands for: The last kilometer.

"Every ride will keep you stronger. Both mental and psychical"

The team behind the 2023 La flamme rouge collection

La Flamme Rouge has been a strong team since 2011. Collected and donated 90% its revenue to cancer patients and families.

The team are practically driven by Ralf Ritter and Søren Bikeshop. Rasmus Rothman controls the online commerce. 
The creative team is led by Jacob Ørholm. Known for his Co-Founding part in Pas Normal Studios and later the Olympic design – now at all Unions’ teams suit. Including the Team Novo Nordisk overall look. Jacob is now creative at Konggaard building up the Willing Able Project.

Brian and Jacob have been friends and training partners for 20 years. Jacob has through times been creative assist on several LFR designs.

lfr collection 2023/24

This collection are created by Jacob ørholm. based on willing able superb styling. available at

The Willing Able Journal

We arose from classical cycling. The minimal sport itself. Not just sporty. Nor fashion first. All formed by an unpretentious know-how team of past elite riders towards all kinds of riders. Here we present relevant themes oftenly written by our roll models. Go direct


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