Willing able styles: Rideable and Raceable

We are the willing and ables

X.WA arose from classical cycling. The minimal sport itself. Our on/offroad elite background led us to foster Willing and Able. We hereby present our 1st High-end collection.Coursed by our market-leading mass production of Team Wear since 2001. 2 awesome categories:
Rideable: Sporty shaped up till fit. Kids tested, Strandvejen Approved.
Raceable: Born by Racers. Tested by the Elite. Made for Riders. Going fast or in Race-

Based on natures’ finest. Superb soft materials with high-level absorbent functionalities. In cooperation with our European textile partner. Exclusive supplier to other well-known Luxury brands. 
We will concentrate on the minimal sporty section. 

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Functionally and effective. Exactly how and why we’ve created it. Quite Old-fashioned. Pretty Fast. Contact us for joint projects:


x.wa been there. done that.


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