Cloudburst LS

Cloudburst LS


The X.WA Cloudburst LS Mens Jacket. Our most Gabbaish quality jacket. Perfect for the cold around 0° even lower with optimal layers. Water resistant, yet breathable. Fast and light. Go for a size up if doubt or to add extra layer options.

Made in a classic and simple design with modern features. The jacket is made from quality fabrics, for maximum comfort. X.WA co-works with a European Textile manufacturer that is 100% OEKO TEX certified.

The Cloudburst Long Sleeve Jacket is the perfect autumn/early winter jacket, for both wet and dry conditions

The jacket is made with a waterproof membrane and a windproof membrane, which is both lightweight and breathable. For extra ventilation, two zippers in the sides is fitted, with a light mesh material underneath.

The sleeves are finished with a wide elastic band, for a tight and comfortable fit around the wrists, preventing cold air from coming in the sleeves.


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Mens sizesguide

 sizetop (Chest)bibs (waist)
 S 92 cm 70/76 cm
 M 96 cm 76/80 cm
 L 100 cm 80/84 cm
 XL 104 cm 84/88 cm
 XXL 108 cm 90/94 cm
 3XL 108- cm 94- cm

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Womens sizeguide

 sizetop (Chest)bibs (waist)
 S 84 cm 66 cm
 M 88 cm 70 cm
 L 92 cm 74 cm
 XL 96 cm 78 cm